About me

I am pleased to offer my services from my home in beautiful Coatesville, rural Albany.

I have a Counselling masters degree with first class honours from the University of Auckland as well as a Dip Soc. Sci (Psychology) with distinction.

I have worked helping and teaching people all my adult life. My counselling and therapy has been mainly in private practice, working with a large variety of client difficulties.

I am very familiar with the challenges and stresses of the corporate world and have been a counsellor, mediator and North Island Manager for New Zealand's leading employee assistance firm.

I have helped large numbers of couples with relationship difficulties towards more loving relationships.

I have wide experience with doctor and school referrals for such things as OCD, Depression, Anxiety and Relationships.

Over the years I have provided counselling and psychotherapy in primary, secondary and tertiary educational settings.  I have enjoyed working with social work and counselling supervisees as well as mentoring professionals.  I have also taught in a degree course in counselling.  Having moved to the countryside, I have decided to retire from active involvement in the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

My professional development is always focused on finding ways for people to live with more self-empathy, freedom, energy and connection whatever their circumstances. I am a keen researcher and practitioner of mind-body-brain science and related therapies such as those for trauma release.  I remain passionately interested in how the wider social context affects mental health and well-being.